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Corporate Sports

Successful businesses require motivated and energetic people focusing together on shared goals. Luckily, our venue offers corporate sports packages to help companies accelerate their team building process through games that promote equal participation from all players.

Full corporate sports days, after work events, inter-company competitions or regular social games can be arranged. Activities and schedules are tailored to suity our company’s style. We offer many sports, traditional and novelty. Some examples include (dodgeball, lasertag, nerf, bubble soccer, netball, cricket, and soccer). We’ve a function room with a sound system and bar for presentations and drinks. Can’t wait to get started?Contact us to get planning on your team’s next outing.

Corporate Functions

Why not use Springvale Indoor Sports for your next team building event? Motivate your staff and improve synergy with valuable team building skills, all towards helping your business thrive. Our games are friendly and fun, with scoreboards to keep the competitive team spirit going strong. We are all about timely organization, and look to run your function successfully from start to finish.

Presentation Nights

Why not try something different? This is great for clubs, especially junior sports teams looking for a fun and exciting end to the season. Playing a few different sports followed by a meal and trophy presentations.

School Social Events

Host a school social event at Springvale Indoor Sports. They’re a great way for students, parents and teachers to get to know each other.

Fundraising Events

Here at Springvale Indoor Sports we run a large number of successful fundraising evenings for individuals and clubs/groups however big or small.