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Nerf Party

Have a Nerf party at Springvale Indoor Sports! It’s a fun new way to have a party at Springvale.

Party goers can play an hour and a half long game of Nerf tag with Nerf guns, darts and safety glasses provided.

Two party hosts are available to help during the game. Activities will run for 1.5 hours , 30 min allowed for food and cake. All children have free access to space jump inflatables:)

Catered Parties Uncatered Parties
Price $25/Child $20/Child
Minimum Number 10 10
Additional Child $20 each $15 each

Party food includes:

  • Party pies & sausage rolls
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Hot chips
  • Cheezles
  • Fruit
  • Unlimited cordial and water provided

Download our birthday party invitation here!

* For uncatered parties, please call to discuss options for bringing in food, as we cannot allow certain foods due to potential allergies. You cannot bring alcohol, coffee or tea. No access to the kitchen (this includes heating up food). A 50c/head will apply for rubbish removal.
* To guarantee a party room, an additional cost ($50) will be added to your booking.